February 2018

We had a quick trip to Maneadero, Mexico with the Mendez family and did some light construction and spent time in fellowship with our friends at Pequenos Gigantes. Marcos and Rebecca continue to do such wonderful work with the women and children. We were able to work on some plumbing needs and a few tables and the Pastor Marcos was able to get the water pump running again. 

January 2018 

A trip to La Mision, Mexico to Puerto De Fe Orphanage to conduct some training for the new counselor there. They are truly blessed to have such a wonderful crew of workers at DOFO dedicating their lives to serving the Lord. 

November 2017

Pequenos Gigantes trip with the Songer family to build a playground for the kids. Thank you guys for your time and donations. 

October 2017 - Home build trip with VMC to Mexico.

October 2017 - Trip to Pequenos Gigantes with Mr. Smith to take the women and children on a trip to the beach and for some surfing. 

October 2017 Houston Hurricane relief trip with VMC. This was a terrific trip and God's hand was at work with many opportunities to love on people in need and help with construction needs and support. 

September 2017 - Mexico Missions Trip with VMC - We went to Love in Action in Tijuana, Dave's ministry was a true blessing added on to this years trip that provided an opportunity to deeply minister to those in need. We also worked at the Breakfast club and Pequenos Gigantes as well as served the children and staff at DOFO. 

August 2017 - Trip to Tijuana, Mexico to visit and support Love in Action partners. Attended the La Pena church for the honor of hearing Pastor Rene preach. 

August 2017 - Trip to Utah to gain a greater depth of providing church driven support to our missionaries in the field. 

July 2017

Trip to Latvia to meet with all of the VMC missionaries in Latvia and to provide support and assistance for the Bebe family. 

June 2017 - 

Trip to Mexico to serve at Pequenos Gigantes

Mexico - April 2017

Trip to Mexico for Home Build with VMC

February 2017 - Papua New Guinea trip for testing at the Ukarumpa International School and to provide some counseling for the missionaries. 

December 27-30, 2016

We were able to go down again to Pequenos Gigantes this December to continue to work on the needed security cinder block wall. The wall is bein mandated by the government and time is of the essence. Marcos and Rebecca, the pastors and founders of the orphanage have been wanting the wall for the orphanage for the past ten years as a means of protection for the children from animals and people that may enter their property. Currently they never leave the property unattended and one person must remain behind at all times to protect the property. When Dave Sizemore and his family volunteered their masonry skills and teamed up with EFFORT225 it was an answered prayer. Dave said it was humbling to be used by God in such a manner to be an answer to a long standing prayer.

December 25, 2016

This year for Christmas we were able to join CALM - Church at Lake Mead for their Christmas tradition of handing out tents and sleeping bags to the homeless of Las Vegas. This was a wonderful ministry and CALM has year round outreach programs and is a church that is actively involved in reaching the community and serving everyone.


We have several upcoming trips, several affiliated with VMC. Kevin will be going to Haiti with VMC in January. Kevin, Joey and Beverly will all be joined by Krista Barney of Canada to go serve in Papua New Guinea in February in an EFFORT225 ministry opportunity to assist the missionaries, local Papua New Guineanian Children and missionary children attending UIS. In February some of the Barclay family will be heading to Africa on an aide trip affiliated with VMC. Meanwhile there will be a few more trips to Mexico, some mental health services and trauma services being provided to missionaries and their families wo faithfully follow our Lord's call, and continued work on the home front with Family to Family sponsored by VMC to feed the homeless and those in need as well as community outreach services provided by EFFORT225. Anyone feeling led by God to serve please feel free to contact us for other opportunities.

©EFFORT225 is a non profit 501(c)3 organization for those in need and missionaries serving them.

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