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So it's been a few years since I posted

Well, a little bit of time went by since the last post, but let's be honest, the pandemic sort of made those few years a blur. Here is a quick update on what EFFORT has been up to since 2019. There have been a couple trips to the Philippines, Rwanda, Mexico, Guatemala and a lot of telehealth services provided. There has also been some crisis counseling that required movement around the United States to work with missionaries returning home. It has been an amazing few years actually, except for Dangue fever, that we could have skipped, oh yeah and the entire COVID pandemic. But through all of this God has continued to be faithful and His hand is at work. We have been able to see many dealing with the changes that occurred in various countries and cultures and we praise God that we were able to be involved in the ways we were. We hope that the next few years continue to strengthen and embolden those that have dedicated their lives to serving our Lord.


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